We recently had a night when temperature actually stayed above 10 degees C – so it is time to tentatively move tender plants into the greenhouse, starting with the tomatoes. An eager Stupice tomato in a 1 litre Air-Pot is the first to flower.

A few lucky tomatoes are going to go in a newly built glazed shed which has room for six large Air-Pot containers and much more height than my greenhouse. I notice some varieties can get extremely tall so I hope they appreciate the generous headroom. Giant Tree Tomato, Lemon Grape & Nagina are candidates for growing as tall cordons in this space.

The Autumn planted onions in the big Air-Pot raised bed have put on a surge of fresh green growth, a top-dressing of blood, fish and bone and the warmer weather has really perked them up.

A pot of coriander sown in mid-winter has pushed out lush green growth showing that this is a surprisingly cold tolerant herb, we hope a succession of sowings will yield a constant supply.

I came across a bag of neglected tulip bulbs and am delighted that they have produced a striking display of yellow and red blooms.

Also impressive are the succulent looking purple hosta shoots which are strongly pushing forth, quite a clump now from a single offset established in a pot a couple of years ago.

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