I have had a very good harvest of Pink Fir Apple potatoes grown in a Air-Pot potato tower. The tubers developed well throughout the depth of the container, which confirms that main crop (indeterminate) types are the way to maximise yields from these deep pots. Quick maturing ‘early’ types are also a worthwhile catch crop as shown by a pot growing from a July planting and looking good into the cool back end of the season.

Other late plantings are carrots and hardy ‘Meteor’ peas which are getting a head start making good growth during the mild Autumn weather. They may need protection in the greenhouse soon but will grow quickly after the coldest winter chills are over.

The main harvests of chillies are gathered but a favoured few plants have come indoors to finish ripening on a sunny windowsill, the habanero type ‘Rocato’ is looking particularly pretty with its drippy jewel-like pods.

Other experimental plantings which have produced fresh new foliage are some palms and ferns, the palms are in full sun and seem to appreciate the good drainage provided by the Air-Pot containers. More surprising is the good growth of ferns which are often associated with damp conditions, they do seem to prefer shade but not soggy soil as can occur in conventional pots, they actually generally need well aerated roots as much as most other plants.

2 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. is it ok to line the bottom part with geotextile (and the wall as well) so my patio would stay clean after heavy rain?


  2. Hi there! I have 4 small apple trees in air-pruning pots and am wondering what recommendations you have for overwintering them. I live in Boulder, CO where temps can get into the 20’s. I imagine they are much more vulnerable to cold weather due to the air exposure in these pots? Currently I am hauling them inside our home each night and putting them out during the day (at least until they lose their leaves). Any recommendations? Keep them in an unheated garage? Cover the pots with row cover, hay etc.? Thank you?


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