High Summer

Plants in pots are actively growing now Summer is here. A Fatsia japonica which has not yet found a place to be planted in-ground has been moved around the garden for a few years and recently found its happy place in my shadiest spot under trees against a wall. This relative of ivy now has big glossy dark green leaves which look much healthier than the yellow and washed out appearance it had developed in full sun, sometimes it is better not to be in a hurry to plant out.

A varigated Hosta is also enjoying life in dappled shade with the Fatsia and the cream white of the varigated leaves seems to stay lighter in the shade. Hostas are well known to be a favourite food of slugs and snails, however they are deterred by the texture of Air-Pot containers which acts as a bit of an obstacle course for them.

The hydrangeas have put on their best ever display of big pink flowers. The biggest and best recently moved into 20 litre Air-Pot container and is growing in finely sieved homemade garden compost. I simply add plenty of water and the occasional feed.

Agapanthus from South Africa are out in a sunny spot open to full southern exposure; fairly dought tolerant they can survive quite long periods of neglect. I find an occasional dunk in a bucket of water is a good way to rehydrate their fleshy roots and keeps them happy for weeks. Mine are currently producing light blue flowers. The air-pruning effect of Air-Pot containers prevents the congested pot-bound root ball which I have seen bust open a conventional plastic pot.

The Maskotka tomatoes are cropping well and came out top in our taste comparison of early ripening tomatoes. The best performing early chilli has been Ohnivec, which is excellent sliced in vinegar, just as good as jalapeno, but earlier, more productive and hotter.

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