Terrific tomatoes.

Tomatoes 2 smallAs the end of Summer approaches the tomato harvest is at its peak. All the plants have grown fantastically well in a mixture of medium and large Air-Pot containers. The super early types which do not grow very tall were in medium sized pots and produced ripe fruit from June. Behind the earlies are the taller, later ripening varieties which are now producing well in large pots.

Tomatoes 3 small

The only difficulty has been the plants are too big, the vine / cordon types are all trained up to the ridge of the roof suggesting a super root system has developed. I am not complaining but perhaps next year will train and prune to keep the plants lower so I don’t have to duck under them. Growing in alternative containers such as grow bags or conventional pots would have constrained the growth somewhat I’m sure.

Tomatoes 1 small
When I grew in the greenhouse border by this is the time of year my tomato plants would sicken and yellow. I am not sure what caused this; deficiency, fungus, bug or disease. But growing in pots rather than in tired old soil has cured the problem, and using Air-Pot containers together with automatic drip irrigation has worked well. Healthier plants which grow bigger and keep cropping for longer is a good result and it will be interesting to see just how long they will keep ripening into the Autumn.

2 thoughts on “Terrific tomatoes.

    • Hi Jason
      Tomatoes do well in the medium or large size, that is the yellow & blue base. There is also an in-between size available in the Hydro Range, with a green base. I think you are in the U.S. so I will not confuse you with volumes of the various pot sizes as there have been some minor changes which may not have filtered through to all outlets yet. Certainly a big plant on a hot day will be less likely to dry out in a bigger container so a general rule is the bigger the better. A medium pot will be best suited to a situation where frequent watering is possible, & perhaps a smaller growing bush variety. Good growing, Alex.


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